Elektropromremont enterprise was founded at the beginning of 1998 and is one of the leading and dynamically developing electric repair enterprises in Ukraine.

The main activities of our company are: overhaul, medium and current repairs of electric motors of all capacities and structures, manufacture of spare parts for electric motors, and diagnostics of electrical equipment. We carry out capital, average and current repairs of electric motors of any complexity and design, with a capacity of up to 20 MW.

The use of advanced technologies, the best specialists of the country with colossal experience, a flexible settlement system distinguish our company in the modern market.

Our company is ideally equipped with all the necessary equipment to provide a range of repair and diagnostic services that meet the needs of the most demanding customer.

All work is carried out in accordance with the quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015, as well as in accordance with the technical specifications.

The main purpose of Elektropromremont is to achieve reliable, stable and economically rational operation of the electric motors of your enterprise with the help of high-quality repairs, as well as timely diagnostics of your electrical equipment.


The about_us base of the enterprise with a total area of 2500 m2 during the repair of AC and DC electric machines allows you to perform the full range of work necessary to restore the operability of the electric machine. High-quality specialists, as well as a complex of technological, machining, and welding equipment, allow quality repair work to be carried out.

Windings of electric machines of all classes of heat resistance are manufactured in the conditions of about_us base of the enterprise, any power and heat treatment, both separate coils, and completely wound stators, rotors, anchors. The use of modern electrical insulation materials and compounds together with the technologies of heat treatment in drying furnaces contribute to the creation of reliable insulation designs of windings of electric machines operating in different climatic conditions.

Mechanical damages and defects of details and knots which have arisen in the course of operation of the electric machine, are eliminated by restoration or production of new. Restoration of worn parts and assemblies of electric machines is carried out by surfacing on a welding semi-automatic in carbon dioxide with subsequent machining on machining equipment.

In terms of the production base of the enterprise, complex works are also performed, such as:

  • repair or manufacture of armature collectors of DC electric machines
  • overhaul of squirrel cage rotors with copper and aluminum rods
  • repair or manufacture of excitation coils of rotors of synchronous electric machines

Balancing of rotating parts is carried out on a balancing machine equipped with a modern balancing device designed for balancing rotors and anchors both on the machine and in its own bearings. Balancing is subjected to each rotating part of the electric machine received in the repair.


Elektropromremont means quality and competence in the repair of electric motors. Trust of our clients is caused by that factor that we render our services qualitatively and in the stipulated terms. Our customers can count on the maximum quality and reliability of our services at all stages of repair - from diagnostics of electric motors, about_us of spare parts and accessories, repair to commissioning. The whole company has been certified according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. Also our company has a number of special permissions allowing to carry out works of the increased danger both on our about_us site, and in the territory of the customer.


The technical control department (testing station) was created in the process of repairing electrical machines to control the production of quality products at the enterprise.

The testing station is fully provided with normative and technical documentation, methods for performing measurements, programs for performing measurements and tests for more coordinated work with our partners are developed.

Measurements and tests are performed in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents SOU-N EE 20.302: 2007 “Norms for testing electrical equipment”, the Rules for the technical operation of electrical installations of consumers and the Rules for the installation of electrical installations.

The equipment of the test station is tested and certified by the state standard bodies, an audit of the technical competence of the test station (certification of the test station before 01.01.2016) by the state standard body is also carried out, this allows correct and high-quality measurements and tests by competent personnel in the declared field of measurement processes.

Measuring equipment, stationary and mobile test facilities, test station stands allow to perform a sufficient range of measurements and tests in the process of repair of electric machines AC voltage up to and above 1000V, electric machines DC voltage up to 750V, both on the production base of the enterprise and on the territory of the customer.

The test station performs:

  • pre-repair tests to identify the cause of failure of electrical machines and determine the scope of work
  • operational tests to control the quality of work in the repair of electrical machines
  • control and final tests on the basis of which the conclusion on compliance of the electric car or their spare parts to specifications and requirements of normative documentation is made
  • diagnostics of electrical machines, which includes visual inspection of equipment, electrical measurements and tests and vibration diagnostics

The results of the measurements and tests, as well as the conclusions about conformity to requirements of normative documentation of the diagnosed or repaired electrical machines presented in the form of protocols signed by the Head of quality department and seal testing station.


Our team is the main component of the success and prosperity of our company. Therefore, it employs more than 120 specially selected and trained employees, for whom we create all the necessary conditions for professional and personal growth.

We strive to work as a close-knit team and easily find a common language with each other. At the same time, we perfectly understand that each employee is a person with his own ideas, experience and outlook on life. Thanks to the disclosure of individual qualities of a person, new prospects for work appear, new technical solutions are developed and new opportunities for their implementation appear within our company.

The health of our employees, as well as their safety-is one of the priorities of our company. We strive to provide a safe working environment for our employees so that they can confidently perform their duties, show perfect results and get great pleasure from work.

We trust each other, gladly support and share advice, as well as accept new friends into our team.